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Заправка картриджа Samsung CLT-K406S/ELS // Cartridge refill Samsung CLT-K406S/ELS

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Samsung CLX-3300
Samsung CLX-3305FN
Samsung SL-C410W
Samsung SL-C460FW
Samsung Xpress C460WS

Refill Samsung CLP-320 CLP-360 CLT406 Toner Cartridge

How to remanunfacture Samsung toner cartridge for CLP320, CLP360, CLP365, CLP366, CLP368, CLX3305, CLX3306, CLX3300, CLP3185, CLT-K406S/ELS, CLT-Y406S/ELS, CLT-M406S/ELS, CLT-C406S/ELS, (cartridge CLT-K406S/ELS CLT-Y406S/ELS CLT-M406S/ELS CLT-C406S/ELS)

- Toner for Samsung CLP-320/360
- Chip (black cyan magenta or yellow)
- Adhesive tape or glue
- If you can use compressed air it's better

How to disassemble developer roller metal blade:

Link Accessori srl
Via Beverara 224/7
40131 BOLOGNA (Italy)

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How to Refill Reset Samsung cartridge CLP360 CLP365w CLP365 CLX3300 CLX3305 CLX 3305fn CLT-406S
How to refill / recycle the toner cartridges Samsung CLT-K406S, CLT-C406S, CLT-M406S, CLT-Y406S.

BUY A REFILL FOR ONLY 29,99€ . We ship to all of Europe.

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Compatible printers-
Samsung CLP 360 , CLP 365w , CLP 365 , CLX 3300
, CLX 3305 , CLX 3305fn , CLX 3305fw , CLX 3305w, Samsung CLP-360 , CLP-365w , CLP- 365 , CLX-3300, CLX-3305 , CLX-3305fn , CLX-3305fw , CLX-3305w, Samsung CLP 360 , CLP365w , CLP365 , CLX3300, CLX3305 , CLX3305fn , CLX3305fw , CLX3305w.




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