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BMW 325d (E90) Manual! 2008 POV Test Drive + Acceleration 0-200 km/h

Acceleration: 7:40
We think, this car is little bit chiptuned! Let us know in comments, if you think so.
It rides so cheap in terms of fuel consumtion! Watch it.
Technical data:
Engine type - Diesel R6
Capacity - 2993 cm3
Maximum power - 145 kW
Maximum torque - 400 Nm
Acceleration 0-100 km/h - 7,7 sec.
Top speed - 247 km/h
Kerb weight - 1 623 kg
Ivo Beljo : What year is this bmw?
pAcA[A] : Its not, chiptuned or remaped... It pulls okay for 325d motor...
Petozzi : 300hp.
Perin Tomas : What navigation is that... I have the 2008 2.0 diesep with the cc navigation... I love yours
TheZeoKing : That car looks great! Nice video btw

Acceleration Battle | E90 | BMW 325d vs BMW 325i | 3.0d vs 2.5i | 145 kW vs 160 kW

This battle is very surprising. E90 325d starts on wet surface, meanwhile 325i is in dry contitions. But the mighty diesel is still even very capable. What do you think? And would you choose petrol rather than diesel?
- Same part of autobahn
- Same driver
- 1 person onboard
- 17 inch wheels both cars
Tomislav Curkovic : Its actually big difference in outside temperature but well done diesel
BMW E90 : Wow I’m so Good
MrDodobmw : the 325i is either a e92 or e93....weight disadvantage
baxter009 : my eyes were focused on the difference in l/km.
Cheslyn Owens : Is it a possibility that ambient air temperature could be the difference between these two cars. I've always been a gasoline guy but I know some diesel trucks over here are pretty fast.

BMW 325d (2009) POV Drift Drive + Acceleration 0 - 200 km/h

This car is insane! 10 years old and still ride smoothly, fresh and turns like nothing else in its category. As you could recognized, we love E90 gen BMW 3 series.
And it can be yours! Watch comments below.
erirocit : WOW!
Insane driving skill.
You should do car reviews!!
Simon Lehner : witch engine for the 325d do you think is better: m57 or n57?
Lukáš Vaněk : Super další báwo
Bill Board : Kde jsi se naučil takhle řídit ? :D Skvělý řidič i auto :)
testagiuseppeable : has it a limited slip diff?




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